Niedweske-Barber Firm

Based in Morristown, New Jersey and servicing clients throughout the tri-state area, Niedweske Barber, LLC specializes in all aspects of employment law, commercial litigation, and serious personal injury.

An Emphasis on Prevention
As employment law counsel to our corporate clients, we have a thorough understanding of the complex and dynamic issues affecting today’s workplace. Our focus is on litigation prevention – providing our clients with the advice, information and training to manage their human resources efficiently and resolve potential problems before they escalate to the courts.

Vigorous Client Representation
Vigorous Client Representation – should read “As litigators, we have the utmost respect for the law and are passionate about providing the highest level of client advocacy.  We vigorously represent our clients’ interests in employment, commercial, and personal injury matters, striving for a successful and cost-effective resolution while upholding the highest standards of legal professionalism.

A Commitment to Excellence
We consider it an honor to be entrusted with our clients’ legal issues, and reward that trust by striving for excellence and integrity in every aspect of firm business.

Strong Client Relationships
We believe in cultivating client relationships for the long term. This means getting to know our clients and their businesses so we can tailor our services to their specific needs. It also involves building and maintaining trust through ongoing communication and consistent, high-quality work.